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What creative entrepreneurs should know when hiring an attorney
May 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM
attorney for creative entrepreneurs

"My new business needs a lawyer — now what?"

If you're like most entrepreneurs just starting out in your illustrious career, the legal side of starting a new business can seem a bit hazy. Luckily, though, there are people ready and willing to help you set you and your business up for success in this area.

Attorneys for creative entrepreneurs walk you through the most important aspects of your business to ensure that you're protected from every angle and in every situation. Of course, you'll still need to do your due diligence as well.

Here are three things you should know before hiring a lawyer.

3 things every creative entrepreneur looking for an attorney should know

1. Find an attorney before you need an attorney

The last thing you want to be doing is searching for a great lawyer under legal pressure — it's just too easy to cut corners or make a mistake if you're stressed or worried about other things. After all, you'll want to work with someone you trust, not someone you found online over the weekend because you needed an attorney in a pinch.

Ideally, the relationship you have with your lawyer is something you'll want to keep for the life of your business, so it pays to take the extra time to do things the right way right now.

2. Don't hire a lawyer based on price alone

Good attorneys know how much value they bring to their clients and set their rates accordingly — and do you really want to pinch pennies on an issue that could make or break your business? Probably not.

Instead, think of their fee as an investment in the success of your company.

And although price is definitely a large consideration, you'll also want to take into account other things about them, like their experience in the services you need and industry you work in, their client processes, recommendations from other entrepreneurs or creatives you know, whether you two work well together, and more.

Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions during your first touch call with one of your potential choices. And because most lawyers specialize in different things, know that in the future, you may have a team of lawyers you can turn to that focus on different aspects of your business.

3. Ask for a cost estimate before starting every project

No one wants to be taken by surprise when they see the bill — and as a creative entrepreneur, you likely don't have funds to spare for large, unexpected expenses.

And even though many attorneys have switched over to flat-fee pricing for many of their services, some have hourly rates for certain offerings while others don't do flat-fee pricing at all. So, it's definitely worth your while to ask how much a project will cost you upfront, before any work has started on the project yet.

Savvy Esquires, PPLC: The attorney for creative entrepreneurs

If you're looking for an attorney for your creative endeavor, Savvy Esquires is ready to help with all of your legal needs.

As attorneys that work specifically with creative entrepreneurs, our expertise is geared for startups and small businesses like yours. In addition to over five years of experience in things like intellectual property, corporate governance, document review, and founder agreements, we know that your time is valuable. That's why we've streamlined our client processes down to the essentials.

Ready to get started? Fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team. Otherwise, if you have any pressing questions or concerns, give us a call at (646) 256-2484.